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Dhruva and Family

Dhruva and Family

Dhruva Maharaja was a son of a King. His father had two queens, named Suniti and Suruci. Suruci was much more dear to the King. Suniti, who was Dhruva´s mother, was not his favorite. Once, King was patting the son of Suruci, placing him on his lap. While five-year-old Dhruva was trying to get on the lap of his father, envious Suruci, his stepmother, said, “My dear child, you do not deserve to sit on the throne or on the lap of the King, because you did not take your birth from my womb.”

As a snake, when struck by a stick, breathes very heavily, Dhruva Maharaja, having been struck by the strong words of his stepmother, began to breathe very heavily because of great anger. When he saw that his father was silent and did not protest, he immediately left the palace and went to his mother.

Suniti said to her son, “My dear boy, you should take shelter of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who is very kind to His devotees. I do not find anyone who can mitigate your distress but the Supreme Personality of Godhead, whose eyes are like lotus petals.” Druva then went to the forest, performed austerities, realized the Lord, received the Lord’s audience, became renounced from all material desires, and attained perfection of life.

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