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Srimad-Bhagavatam describes how on the advice of Krsna, Nanda Baba and the other Vrajavasis began worshipping Giriraja instead of Indra. It also describes how they performed the Annakuta festival for Giriraja here. They cooked many delicacies in their homes, filled hundreds of carts with milk, yoghurt, rabadi and other kinds of preparations, and presented them before Giriraja.

Krsna Himself offered everything to Giriraja and at the same time assumed a huge four-armed form, with which He devoured all the offerings by extending His long arms. Begging for more to eat, He called out in great happiness, “Ano re, ano re! – Bring more, bring more!”

Krsna folded His hands and said, “We are poor Vrajavasis. Whatever we have, we have presented before You. Please be satisfied with this.”

In His four-armed form, Giriraja drank the water of Manasi-ganga, Kusuma-sarovara and other ponds, and exclaimed, “Trpto ’smi, trpto ’smi! – I am satisfied, I am satisfied!” and wiped His hands and mouth with His cloth. He told the Vrajavasis to ask for a boon, and they simply requested this: “May our darling Krsna always remain happy and live long.”

When that four-armed form disappeared, Kåñëa asked the Vrajavasis, “Did you ever receive darsana of Indradeva? Giriraja is very kind. He fulfils everyone’s desires.” After worshipping Govardhana, the Vrajaväasis considered their lives fully blessed.

This place has been named Anyora-grama because it is here that Giriraja called out “Ano re, ano re!” The natural impressions of the Vrajavasis’ bowls in the rocks of Giriraja can be found where the Annakuta was performed.