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The root cause of all jivas (spirit souls) is Baladeva Prabhu. In Vraja, the jivas have manifested from the original Baladeva. They have never come to this world. They have always served Radha and Krsna in madhurya-rasa or sakya-rasa. From Baladeva comes Mula Sankarsan in Dvaraka. Innumerable, jivas come from Baladeva in His form as Mula Sankarsan, and they serve Dvarkadhisa and Mathuresa Krsna in so many ways. From Mula Sankarsana comes Maha Sankarsana in Vaikuntha. He manifests the liberated jivas there, and they eternally serve Rama, Nrsmha, Kalki, Vamana, Narayana and all other incarnations. From Maha Sankarsana comes Karanodakasayi Visnu in the tatastha region, the region between the material and spiritual worlds, and He manifests the tatastha-jivas. Among them, some become free from maya and some become conditioned souls. In this way, we see that all kinds of jivas have come from Baladeva.

It is told like this in the scriptures, but actually there is no birth of the jivas. They are all eternal like Baladeva Prabhu Himself. This is only said to convince the ordinary jivas, or conditioned souls. There are so many things that sastra has told us, whereas in reality, in Goloka Vrindavan dhama, these things will be seen in another way.


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