» Bhima Killing Jarasandha

Bhima Killing Jarasandha

Bhima Killing Jarasandha

Jarasandha’s father was a very powerful king, but he had no son although he married two daughters of the King of Kasi. The King, along with his wives, left home to live in the forest for austerities, and in the forest he was blessed by one great rsi to have a son.

The rsi gave him one mango to be eaten by the queens. The king was very happy to see the queens bearing children, but when the ripe time approached, the queens delivered one child in two parts, one part from each of the queens’ wombs. The two parts were thrown in the forest, where a great she-demon named Jara used to live. Out of curiosity she joined the two parts, and the child became complete and regained life. She went to the king and presented him with the nice child, and the king was very pleased. The child was named as Jarasandha.

Since Jarasandha possessed demoniac qualities from birth, naturally he became a great devotee of Lord Siva, who is the lord of all ghostly and demoniac men. By his military power he defeated many small kings and arrested them to butcher before Siva.

Jarasandha became a great enemy of Krsna. One day, Krsna, Bhima and Arjuna together went to Jarasandha in the dress of poor brahmanas and begged charity from him. They begged him for the facility of fighting him, and it was settled that Jarasandha would fight with Bhima only.

So, all of them were both guests and combatants of Jarasandha, and Bhima and Jarasandha fought every day for several days. Bhima became disappointed, but Krishna gave him hints about Jarasandha’s being joined together as an infant. Thus Bhima dissected him again and so killed him. All the kings who were detained in the concentration camp to be killed before Siva were thus released by Bhima.

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