» Birth of Prithu

Birth of Prithu

Birth of Prithu

The sages, due to a political crisis, had made cruel Vena king, although he was not qualified. But now the people were being disturbed by the king himself. Therefore all the saintly sages decided to kill King Vena, who was so dreadful and dangerous to all human society. Without using any weapons, the sages killed King Vena simply by high-sounding words.

The great sages churned the two arms of King Vena’s dead body. As a result a male and female couple came out of his arms. Greatly pleased, they said, ”The male, whose name will be Prithu, is a plenary expansion of the power of Lord Visnu, who maintains the entire universe, and the female is a plenary expansion of the goddess of fortune, who is never separated from the Lord. In the form of Prithu, the Supreme Personality of Godhead has appeared through a part of His potency to protect the people of the world.

All the brahmanas highly glorified King Prithu, and the best singers of Gandharvaloka chanted his glories. The inhabitants of Siddhaloka showered flowers, and the beautiful women in the heavenly planets danced in ecstasy. Conchshells, bugles, drums and kettledrums vibrated in outer space. Great sages, forefathers and personalities from the heavenly planets all came to earth from various planetary systems.

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