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Boat Pastime

Boat Pastime

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“In the middle of Manasi Ganga, Sri Radha was sitting in Krsna’s boat. When the boat began to sink, She tightly clung to His neck. Together They looked very beautiful. May that Govardhana who provides the setting for this secret pastime fulfill my desire.” (Sri Govardhanastakam verse 7)


From one bank of Manasi Ganga, the gopis used to cross over to the other side, and Krsna somehow or other was the boatman. When the gopis requested Krsna to take them over, Krsna told them that His boat was very old and that it was dangerous to travel in it. Srimati Radhika and the gopis insisted until finally Krsna agreed.

Once the boat was in the middle of the River, Krsna noticed that water was swiftly coming in a hole from the side. He told them, “We are carrying too much weight. We must throw all the pots of milk and butter overboard.”

The gopis, seeing the water coming in, quickly threw all their pots over the side. Then Krsna told them that the boat was still overloaded and that they would all have to throw their heavy gold jewelry over the side too.

At the same time Krsna threw all His weight on one side of the boat, so much more water rushed in. The fearful gopis took off all their jewelry and tossed it overboard also. But still Krsna would not relent. He threw all His weight to the other side of the boat, and as the waters gushed in He told them that the boat was still too heavy and that they would have to take their clothes off and throw them overboard as well. At this time all the gopis became exceedingly fearful, and Srimati Radharani throwing Herself into Krsna’s arms said. “O boatman! O boatman! Somehow or another make it possible to take us across. Whatever you want I will give You, but please take us to the other side.”

Then, on Srimati Radharani’s request, Krsna became very pleased, and, sticking a cork in the hole, stopped the water from coming in. Then, taking the oars Himself, He rowed them all peacefully across.