»  Brahma´s Creation

Brahma´s Creation

Brahma´s Creation

The Personality of Godhead instructed Brahma to create. The material world and the living entities were all already generated in seedling forms by the Supreme Personality of Godhead, and Brahma was to disseminate the same seedlings all over the universe. The seeds of all the planets were impregnated in the lotus on which Brahma was situated.

The lotus was spread throughout the universe, and Brahma divided it into three divisions of worlds-the lower planets, the middle planets, and the upper planets-and later into fourteen divisions. He created all the fourteen planetary divisions for inhabitation by the different types of living entities. Then, he created the immovable entities, like trees and creepers, who are almost unconscious but have feelings of pain within. Then he created the lower species of life, different varieties of animals and birds, and then the human beings. His creation of the demigods is of eight varieties.

Brahma also created the nescient engagements like self-deception, the sense of death, anger after frustration, the sense of false ownership, and the illusory bodily conception, or forgetfulness of one’s real identity. Then he began another term of creation that was four great sages named Sanaka, Sananda, Sanatana and Sanat-kumara. He begot ten sons, including Narada, for the extension of the generations.

The four Vedas, which contain all varieties of knowledge, became manifested from his four mouths. The four principles of religiosity [truth, austerity, mercy and cleanliness] and the duties in the four social orders all became manifest. He also created the fifth Veda—the Puranas and the histories—from all his mouths. These are examples of his creations.

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