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Dana Nivartana

Dana Nivartana

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At this dana-ghati, Sri Krsna and His gopa friends would become tax collectors and demand milk, yoghurt and butter as toll tax from the gopis. When the gopis refused to give any tax, Krsna would forcibly plunder and relish their milk products.

After this love-quarrel, the gopis exchanged the toll-tax of prema at Dana-nivartana-kunda, some distance from Dana-ghati. The gopi, being tired of these daily encounters, decided one day to retaliate strongly. The plan was that the moment Krsna and His sakhas would stop them and try to plunder their load, the gopis would call out to their friends hiding nearby, who would at once descend from their hideouts. Then, under the leadership of Lalita, they would teach Krsna and His sakhas a good lesson.

Five to ten gopis forcefully caught hold of Krsna. They slapped His cheeks a few times and then forcibly dressed Him like a woman with a blouse and skirt. They even put vermilion in the parting of His hair, bangles on His arms, anklets on His feet, and so on. They covered half His face with a veil, placed a pot of yoghurt on His head and began to make fun of Him by demanding tax on the yoghurt. From the top of the hill, Lalita-sakhi aimed a stone at the pot of yoghurt on Krsna’s head, breaking it and drenching His whole body. All the sakhis began to laugh and clap, and Syama felt very ashamed. “Will You dare to demand tax on our yoghurt ever again?” they asked. “Hold Your ears and vow, ‘From today, I will never try to tax the gopis’ yoghurt.’ ”

They forced Krsna to repeat this, and they reclaimed their toll-tax from Him.