» Dhruva Visnu and Narada

Dhruva Visnu and Narada

Dhruva Visnu and Narada

Prince Dhruva Maharaja was offended by his stepmother, Queen Suruci, and was not allowed even to sit on the lap of his father. He was very determined by nature and thus he left his father’s capital city to go to a secluded place to search out the Supreme Personality of Godhead after hearing that the kind and glorious Lord was the only one who could mitigate his distress.

The great sage Narada overheard this news and approached Dhruva, who was only five years old. Narada Muni gave Dhruva a mantra and instructed him on how to practice mystic yoga, worship the Supreme Lord, and meditate on His form.

Dhruva Maharaja, after offering respectful obeisances to his spiritual master, started for         that forest, where Narada had told him to go. He began meditating the Lord, and he practiced severe austerity with full determination.

Narada thought it wise to go to the King, the father of Dhruva, to see how he was faring within the palace. There the King lamented, “Out of love and affection the boy was trying to get up on my lap, but I did not receive him. Just imagine how hardhearted I am.” The great sage Narada replied: My dear King, your son is well protected by the Supreme Personality of Godhead. His reputation is already spread all over the world. Your son is very competent. He will perform activities which would he impossible even for great kings and sages. Very soon he will complete his task and come back home.”

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