»  Diasappearance of Bhisma

Diasappearance of Bhisma

Diasappearance of Bhisma


When the great warrior Bhismadeva was lying on a bed of arrows, about to pass away on the Battlefield of Kuruksetra, he imparted instructions to King Yudhisthira on the subject of occupational duties. He also offered his last prayer to Lord Krsna and thus become liberated from the bondage of further material engagements.

Bhismadeva was endowed with the power of leaving his material body at will, and his lying down on the bed of arrows was his own choice. This passing away of the great warrior attracted the attention of all the contemporary elites and the great souls in the universe, namely the risis amongst the demigods, brahmanas, kings and sages. All of them assembled there to show their feelings of love, respect and affection for the great soul.

While Bhismadeva was describing occupational duties to King Yudhisthira, who had inquired him about the essential principles of various religious duties, the sun’s course ran into the northern hemisphere. This period is desired by mystics who die at their will. Thereupon that man who spoke on different subjects with thousands of meanings and who fought on thousands of battlefields and protected thousands of men, stopped speaking. Being completely freed from all bondage, withdrew his mind from everything else and fixed his wide-o

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