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Junior Haridasa

Junior Haridasa

A devotee named Junior Haridasa used to sing for Lord Caitanya. Once he was asked to collect alms from a lady, and he committed an offense by talking intimately with a woman at her house although he was in the renounced order. Because of this, Lord Caitanya rejected Junior Haridasa, and despite all the requests of the Lord’s stalwart devotees, the Lord did not accept him again.

One year after this incident, Junior Haridasa went to the confluence of the Ganges and Yamuna and committed suicide. In his spiritual body, however, he continued to sing devotional songs, and Lord Caitanya heard them.

He was actually a pure devotee of the Lord, but to teach us how careful we must be if we wish to advance in spiritual life, He and the Lord performed this pastime.





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