»  Killing of Trnavarta Demon

Killing of Trnavarta Demon

Killing of Trnavarta Demon

One day, when mother Yasoda was sitting with her child, Krsna, on her lap, she suddenly observed that he had assumed the weight of the entire universe. She was so astonished that she had to put the child down, and in the meantime Trnavarta demon appeared there as a whirlwind and took the child away. He was one of the servants of Krsna´s enemy, Kamsa, who wanted to kill Lord Krsna.

The whole tract of land known as Gokula now became surcharged with dust. No one could see where the child had been taken, and all the gopis were overwhelmed because He had been taken away in the dust storm.

Up in the sky, the demon, being overburdened by the child, could not carry Him far away, although he also could not drop the child because the child had caught him so tightly that it was difficult for him to separate the child from his body. Thus, Trnavarta himself fell down from a very great height, the child grasping him tightly by the shoulder, and immediately died.

The demon having fallen, the gopis picked the child up and delivered Him to the lap of mother Yasoda. Mother Yasoda was struck with wonder, but because of Yogamaya’s influence, no one could understand who Krsna was and what had actually happened. Rather, everyone began to praise fortune of the child’s being saved from such a calamity.

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