» Krsna and Boys Dancing

Krsna and Boys Dancing

Krsna and Boys Dancing

Krsna, the reservoir of pleasure, blowing His flute, accompanied by His elder brother Balarama and other cowherd boys and cows, entered the beautiful forest of Vrndavana to enjoy the atmosphere. They walked into the midst of newly grown leaves of trees whose flowers resembled peacock feathers. They were garlanded by those flowers and decorated with saffron chalk.

Sometimes they were dancing and singing and sometimes wrestling with one another. While Krsna danced, some of the cowherd boys sang and others played on flutes; some bugled on buffalo horns or clapped their hands, praising Him, “Dear brother, You are dancing very nicely.”

They were encouraging Krsna in His dancing, just as one artist encourages another with praise. They were always playing hide-and-seek with Their boy friends or jumping or fighting with one another. Sometimes, while His friends were chanting and dancing, Krsna would praise them, “My dear friends, you are dancing and singing very nicely.” Balarama and Krsna, along with all Their friends, played all kinds of sports and enjoyed the soothing atmosphere of Vrndavana, full of rivers, lakes, rivulets, fine trees and excellent fruits and flowers.


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