» Krsna Attracting the Gopis

Krsna Attracting the Gopis

Krsna Attracting the Gopis

Lord Krsna alone is the Supreme Absolute Truth, and His potencies are unlimited. By His desire His spiritual energy Yogamaya manifests the gopis, who are the highest perfectional devotees of the Lord. This same energy produces the pastimes of Krsna and gopis, which are eternal and self-manifesting, and different from mundane affairs.

Lord Krsna employed His internal potency and manifested within Himself the desire to enjoy pastimes during an autumn night. Thus He began to play His flute. When the gopis heard the flute’s sound, the impulses of Cupid were aroused within them, and they immediately abandoned all their household duties and hastily went to Krsna. All the gopis had purely spiritual bodies, but when some of the gopis’ husbands and other family members stopped the young girls from going, Lord Krsna arranged for them to temporarily exhibit material bodies, which they then left at the sides of their husbands. In this way they deceived their relatives and went off to meet Krsna.

Immediately upon hearing the vibration of the flute, they all left their respective engagements and proceeded to the spot where Krsna was standing. While they ran very swiftly, their earrings swung back and forth. They all rushed toward the place known as Vamsivata. Some of them were engaged in milking cows, but they left their milking business half finished and immediately went to Krsna. One of them had just collected milk and put it in a milk pan on the stove to boil, but she did not care whether the milk over-boiled and spilled – she immediately left to go see Krsna.

Some of them were breast-feeding small babies, and some were engaged in distributing food to the members of their families, but they left all such engagements and immediately rushed toward the spot where Krsna was playing His flute. Some were engaged in serving their husbands, and some were themselves engaged in eating, but caring neither to serve their husbands nor eat, they immediately left. Some of them wanted to decorate their faces with cosmetic ointments and to dress themselves very nicely before going to Krsna, but unfortunately they could not finish their cosmetic decorations or put on their clothes in the right way because of their anxiety to meet Krsna immediately.

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