» Krsna Imitating the Animals

Krsna Imitating the Animals

Krsna Imitating the Animals

Krsna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, performed His sweet, humanlike pastimes in His transcendental abode, Vrndavana, where His associates were pure unconventional devotees of the Lord and could think of Him alone as their object of love. They did not know that He is the Personality of Godhead.

Krsna and His brother Balarama, acting like small boys, gave transcendental pleasure to all the inhabitants of Vrndavana.  Sometimes the honeybees in Vrndavana became so mad with ecstasy that they closed their eyes and began to sing. Lord Krsna, moving along the forest path with His cowherd boyfriends and His brother Baladeva, would then respond to the bees by imitating their singing while His friends sang about His pastimes.

Sometimes He would imitate the chattering of a parrot, sometimes, with a sweet voice, the call of a cuckoo, and sometimes the cooing of swans. He would joke with His friends, saying, “Just look, this peacock does not know how to dance properly,” whereupon the Lord would vigorously imitate the peacock’s dancing, causing great laughter among His friends. Sometimes, with a voice as deep as the rumbling of clouds, He would call out with great affection the names of the animals who had wandered far from the herd, thus enchanting the cows and the cowherd boys. In this way, Krsna and Balarama enjoyed sporting, exactly like two ordinary human children.

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