» Krsna Killing Wrestlers

Krsna Killing Wrestlers

Krsna Killing Wrestlers

The King Kamsa arranged for the sacrifice called Dhanur-yajna, and to designate this particular sacrifice he had placed a big bow near the sacrificial altar. The bow was very big and wonderful, and resembled the rainbow in the sky. Within the sacrificial arena, this bow was protected by many constables and watchmen engaged by King Kamsa.

As Krsna and Balarama approached the bow, they were warned not to go nearer, but Krsna ignored this warning. He forcibly went up and immediately took the big bow in His left hand. After stringing the bow in the presence of the crowd, He drew it and broke it at the middle into two parts, exactly as an elephant breaks sugar cane in the field.

Everyone present appreciated Krsna’s power. The sound of the bow cracking filled both sky and land and was heard by Kamsa. When Kamsa heard what had happened, he began to fear for his life. The caretaker of the bow, who was standing by watching, became very angry. He ordered his men to take up weapons, and he began to rush towards Krsna, shouting, “Arrest Him! Kill Him! Kill Him!”

Krsna and Balarama were surrounded. When They saw the threatening motions of the guards, they became angry, and taking up the two pieces of the broken bow, They began to beat off all the caretaker’s men. While this turmoil was going on, Kamsa sent a small group of troops to assist the caretakers, but both Krsna and Balarama fought with them and also killed them.

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