» Krsna Meets the Gopis at Kuruksetra

Krsna Meets the Gopis at Kuruksetra

Krsna Meets the Gopis at Kuruksetra

When The Supreme Lord Krsna was fourteen years old He left Vrndavana, His topmost abode of sweetness, and engaged in His pastimes in the city of Dvaraka. The residents of Vrndavana were always feeling the intense anxiety of separation from Him.

Once, hearing that a total eclipse of the sun was soon to occur, people from all over India converged at the holy place of Kuruksetra to earn special pious credit. Krsna went there with His brother and sister and others from Dvaraka, and He invited all the inhabitants of Våndävana to come see Him. There He again met His associates of Vrndavana and satisfied them.

The residents of Vrndavana were pure unconventional devotees of the Lord and could think of Him only as their object of love. They did not know that He is the Personality of Godhead.

When the gopis, the cowherd girls of Vrndavana , saw their beloved Krsna at Kuruksetra after a long separation, they secured and embraced Him in their hearts through their eyes, and they attained a joy so intense that not even perfect yogis can attain. They wanted to take Krsna back to Vrndavana. They were inclined to love Krsna, for He was an attractive young boy of Vrndavana village. Being village girls, they were not very much attracted to the field of Kuruksetra, where Krsna was present with elephants, horses, and royal dress. Indeed, they did not very much appreciate Krsna in that atmosphere. The gopis were attracted to Krsna as a cowherd boy of Vrndavana , not in sophisticated guise.

Lord Krsna approached the young cowherd girls in a secluded place. He tried to console them by pointing out that He is all-pervasive, being the source of all energies, and thus He implied that they could never be separated from Him. A Very deep and beautiful conversation took place at that time.

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