» Krsna Splashing the Gopis of Vrndavana

Krsna Splashing the Gopis of Vrndavana

Krsna Splashing the Gopis of Vrndavana

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The gopis of Vrndavana headed by Srimati Radharani, who are Lord Krsna´s dear associates, have the greatest love for Him. Krsna wanted to understand the glory of Radharani´s transcendental love for Him, and that is one of the reasons why He descended to this world in the form of His own devotee and servant, Lord Caitanya. Krsna, the object of love, wanted to taste the moods of Radharani, the abode of pure love of God, who always serves Him.

Wherever Lord Caitanya stayed, He remained absorbed in the meditation of Vrndavana, Krsna, and the gopis. Once, mistaking the sea for the Yamuna River of Vrndavana, He jumped into the ocean in His deep mood of divine love, hoping to see the water pastimes of Krsna and Srimati Radharani and the other gopis. A fisherman, thinking that the Lord’s body was a big fish, caught Him in his net and brought Him ashore. On the beach the Lord met His associates, who had been looking everywhere for Him.

In half-external consciousness, Lord Caitanya talked to the devotees. “Seeing the River Yamuna,” He said, “I went to Vrndavana. There I saw Krsna performing His sporting pastimes in the water. He was in the water of the Yamunä in the company of the gopés headed by Srimati Radaharani. They were performing pastimes in a great sporting manner. I saw this pastime as I stood on the bank of the Yamunä in the company of the gopis. One of them was showing some others the pastimes of Radha and Krsna in the water.

“Taking His beloved gopis with Him, Lord Krsna bathed and performed very nice pastimes in the water of the Yamuna. Everyone splashed water back and forth. In the tumultuous showers of water, no one could be certain which party was winning and which was losing. This sporting water-fight increased unlimitedly. After such wonderful pastimes, Lord Sri Krsna and the gopis got up on the shore of the Yamuna River. Then the gopés on the riverbank rendered service by massaging Krsna and the other gopis with scented oil and smearing paste of ämalaké fruit on their bodies.”