» Krsna Swallowing the Forest Fire

Krsna Swallowing the Forest Fire

Krsna Swallowing the Forest Fire

One day, when Krsna was herding the cows with His friends, all of the cowherd boys became absorbed in sporting and allowed the cows to wander into a dense forest. Suddenly a forest fire blazed up, and to escape its flames the cows took refuge in a grove of sharp canes. When the cowherd boys missed their animals they went searching for them, following their hoof-prints and the trail of blades of grass and other plants they had trampled or had broken with their teeth. Finally the boys found the cows and removed them from the cane forest, but by that time the forest-fire had grown strong and was threatening both the boys and the cows.

Thus the cowherd boys took shelter of Krsna, the master of all mystic power, who told them to close their eyes. They did so, and in a moment He swallowed up the fierce forest-fire and brought them all back to the place where they had sported.

Seeing this wonderful display of mystic potency, the cowherd boys jokingly thought Krsna must be a demigod and they began to praise Him. Then they all returned home.

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