» Krsna’s Appearance

Krsna’s Appearance

Krsna’s Appearance

When the entire world was overburdened by the increasing military power of demons in the form of kings, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Lord Krsna, appeared in this world. He came as the eighth son of Vasudeva and his wife Devaki in the prison of the demonic king Kamsa. Devaki´s brother Kamsa had prisoned Devaki and Vasudeva after hearing a miraculous sound vibrated from the sky which had announced, “Demon, Kamsa: the eighth child of your sister will kill you.”

In the darkness of night Krsna appeared in His form of Visnu, with four hands, so that His father and mother could understand that their son was the Supreme Personality of Godhead. The newborn child had very wonderful lotus-like eyes and He bore in His four hands a conchshell, wheel, club, and lotus flower. On His chest was the mark of Srivatsa and on His neck the brilliant Kaustubha gem. Dressed in yellow, His body blackish like a dense cloud, His wavy hair fully grown and His helmet and earrings sparkling uncommonly with the valuable gem Vaidurya, the child, decorated with a brilliant belt, armlets, bangles and other ornaments, appeared very wonderful.

Upon seeing the Lord in that Visnu form, Vasudeva was struck with wonder and offered prayers to the Lord, addressing Him as the Supreme Person, the Supersoul, who is beyond duality and who is internally and externally all-pervading. Devaki followed her husband by offering prayers describing the transcendental nature of the Lord. Fearing Kamsa and desiring that the Lord not be understood by atheistic and materialistic non-devotees, she prayed that the Lord withdraw His transcendental four-armed form and appear like an ordinary child with two hands. Then the Lord appeared as an ordinary child and was taken to Gokula, the home of Nanda Maharaja, out of fear of Kamsa.

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