» Lord Caitanya as Varaha

Lord Caitanya as Varaha

Lord Caitanya as Varaha

Although there are many incarnations of the Supreme Lord, the Lord Himself sometimes incarnates in person. Lord Caitanya is not an incarnation, but the original source of all other incarnations, Lord Krsna Himself.

One day Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu felt the ecstasy of the boar incarnation. He began to cry out, “Sukara! Sukara!” Thus crying out for the boar incarnation of the Lord, He assumed His form as the boar incarnation and got up on the shoulders of Murari Gupta. Thus they both danced in Murari Gupta’s courtyard. The Lord carried a small gadu, a small waterpot with a nozzle, and thus He symbolically picked up the Earth from the depths of the ocean, for this is the pastime of Lord Varäha.

The incarnation of the boar was to take the Earth out of Pluto’s region of filthy matter. Picking up something from a filthy place is done by a boar, and the all-powerful Personality of Godhead displayed this wonder to the demons, who had hidden the Earth in such a filthy place. There is nothing impossible for the Personality of Godhead, and although He played the part of a boar, by the devotees He is worshiped, staying always in transcendence.

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