» Lord Caitanya on the Jeweled Road

Lord Caitanya on the Jeweled Road

Lord Caitanya on the Jeweled Road

Once, the great devotee of Lord Caitanya named Nrsimha Brahmacari heard that The Lord was going to Vrndavana, the most holiest place in the universe. Since he had no material wealth, he began to construct within his mind a very attractive road for Him to traverse. He bedecked the road with jewels, upon which he then laid a bed of stemless flowers. He mentally decorated both sides of the road with flower trees, and at intervals on both sides he placed lakes of a transcendental nature. He carried the construction of this road as far as a place called Kanai Natasala.

Within the mind of this great devotee, the road could not be constructed beyond Kanai Natasala. He could not understand why the road’s construction could not be completed, and thus he was astonished. With great assurance he then told the devotees that Lord Caitanya would not go to Vrndavana at that time. In this way, he knew in his heart that the Lord could not complete His journey.

The Lord accepts the attitude of His devotee and sees how much he is prepared to serve Him. For a pure devotee, it is the same whether he materially constructs a path or constructs one within his mind.)

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