» Madhavendra Puri Performing Arati

Madhavendra Puri Performing Arati

Madhavendra Puri Performing Arati

One night Madhavendra Puri dreamed the Deity of Lord Krsna called Gopala was within the forest. The next morning he invited his neighborhood friends to accompany him to excavate the Deity from the jungle. He then established the Deity of Sri Gopala on top of Govardhana Hill with great pomp. A big festival took place. During the installation ceremony of the Deity, some people sang and some danced. All the milk, yogurt, and clarified butter in the village was brought to the festival, as well as various foods, sweetmeats, tulasé leaves, flowers and garments.

Madhavendra Puri personally performed the bathing ceremony of Gopala. The Deity was massaged with scented oil and dressed very nicely with new garments and fragrant flower garlands, and all kinds of food were offered before Him. The people of the village had brought their entire stocks of rice, dal and wheat flour. They had brought such large quantities that the entire surface of the top of the hill was filled. The potters of the village had brought all kinds of cooking pots. Ten brähmaëas cooked the food grains and five brähmaëas cooked both dry and liquid vegetables.

Although Gopala ate everything offered, still, by the touch of His transcendental hand, everything remained as before. Later, after Gopala was laid down to rest on the bed, all the people gathered there sat down to honor the prasäda, the sanctified remnants of Gopala´s food. When it was advertised throughout the country that Lord Gopala had appeared atop Govardhana Hill, all the people from neighboring villages came to see the Deity. One village after another was pleased to beg Madhavendra Puri to allot them one day to perform the same ceremony. Thus, day after day, the festival was performed for some time.

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