» Maha-visnu, Krsna, and Arjuna

Maha-visnu, Krsna, and Arjuna

Maha-visnu, Krsna, and Arjuna

Once, a brahmana’s wife gave birth to a son who immediately died. The same misfortune continued to befall the brahmana and his wife. Finally, when the ninth son died at birth, Arjuna, the intimate associate of Lord Krsna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, promised them, “I will protect your progeny. And if I fail, I will enter fire to atone for my sin.”

Some time later, the brahmana’s wife was about to give birth for the tenth time. When Arjuna learned of this, he went to the maternity house and enveloped it with a protective cage of arrows. Arjuna’s efforts were to no avail, however, for as soon as the child was born and began to cry, it disappeared into the sky.

Even after searching throughout the fourteen worlds, Arjuna could find no trace of the infant. Having failed to protect the brahmana’s son, he was now intent on committing suicide by entering the sacred fire. However, just as he was about to do so, Lord Krsna stopped him and said, “I will show you the brahmana’s sons, so please don’t despise yourself like this.”

Lord Krsna then took Arjuna onto His transcendental chariot, and the two of them crossed over the seven universal islands with their seven oceans, passed over the Lokäloka mountain range and entered the region of dense darkness. Since the horses could not find their way, Krsna sent His blazing Sudarsana disc ahead to pierce the gloom. Gradually they came to the water of the Causal Ocean, within which they found the city of Lord Mahä-Viñëu, the plenary portion of the Lord Sri Krsna from whom the material universes emanate. There they saw the thousand-hooded serpent Ananta and upon Him lay Maha-Visnu

The great Lord greeted Sri Krsna and Arjuna, saying “I brought the brahmana’s sons here, simply because I wanted the audience of you both. Lord Krsna and Arjuna then took the brähmaëa’s sons and returned the infants to their father.

Arjuna’s wonderful experience due to the mercy of Krsna is one of the many thousands of pastimes performed by Lord Krsna during His stay in this material world. All these pastimes prove fully that Krsna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead, yet while He was present within this material world, He played just like an ordinary man possessing many worldly duties.

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