» Maitreya and Vidura

Maitreya and Vidura

Maitreya and Vidura

Saintly Vidura, who was a pure devotee of the Lord, reached the source of the celestial Ganges River, where Maitreya, the great, fathomless learned sage was seated. Vidura, who was perfect in gentleness and satisfied in transcendence, inquired from him.

Vidura wanted to ask questions about the Lord, but first he inquired into a subject which would be of great importance to the common man. He said: “O great sage, everyone in this world engages in fruitive activities to attain happiness, but one finds neither satiation nor the mitigation of distress. On the contrary, one is only aggravated by such activities. Please, therefore, give us directions on how one should live for real happiness.”

Then Vidura inquired about the transcendental devotional service of the Lord, who imparts knowledge of the Absolute Truth to those who are purified by the process of devotional service. He also wanted to hear how the Supreme Personality of Godhead accepts incarnations and creates the cosmic manifestation, and what are the auspicious characteristics of the Lord in His different incarnations.

Such talks of the Lord are the only remedy for all people of the world because they can situate one in pure consciousness of the self and liberate one from material bondage. Thus Vidura received knowledge from Maitreya. He became as well-versed in the subject as he desired.


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