» Markandeya Risi sees the illusory potency of the Lord

Markandeya Risi sees the illusory potency of the Lord

Markandeya Risi sees the illusory potency of the Lord

The sage Markandeya Risi had offered prayers to the Supreme Lord. Satisfied by his prayers the Lord told him to ask for a benediction, and the sage said he wanted to see the Lord’s illusory energy. The Supreme Lord Hari, present before Markandeya in the form of Nara-Narayana incarnation, replied, “So be it,” and then left.

One day, as Markandeya was offering his evening prayers, the water of devastation suddenly flooded the three worlds. With great difficulty Markandeya moved about all alone in this water for a long time, until he came upon a banyan tree. Lying upon a leaf of that tree was an infant boy glowing with a charming effulgence. As Markandeya moved toward the leaf, he was pulled by the boy’s inhalation and, just like a mosquito, drawn within His body.

Inside the boy’s body, Markandeya was amazed to see the entire universe just as it had been before the annihilation. He saw the sky, heavens and earth, the stars, mountains, oceans, great islands and continents, the expanses in every direction, the saintly and demoniac living beings, the forests, countries, rivers, cities and mines, the agricultural villages and cow pastures, and the occupational and spiritual activities of the various social divisions. All this he saw manifested before him as if it were real.

After a moment the sage was carried out by the force of the child’s exhalation and hurled back into the ocean of annihilation. Then, seeing that the child on the leaf was actually Sri Hari, the transcendental Lord situated within his own heart.

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