» Mohini Murti Beheads the Rahu Demon

Mohini Murti Beheads the Rahu Demon

Mohini Murti Beheads the Rahu Demon

Once, Visnu advised the demigods, who were defeated in battle by the demons, to execute a truce with the demons for the purpose of churning nectar from the sea. With the understanding that when the nectar was generated from the churning they would share it equally, the demigods and demons churned the ocean with the help of Mandara Mountain. The Vasuki snake was used as the rope for the churning rod.

When, during the churning of the ocean of milk, Dhanvantari, a partial incarnation of Lord Visnu, appeared with a pot of nectar, the demons immediately snatched it from him, but Lord Visnu appeared as the incarnation Mohini, the most beautiful woman in the world, just to captivate the demons and save the nectar for the demigods. All the demons became captivated by the young woman’s beauty and became attached to Her.

Taking advantage of their weakness in this regard, Mohini, the incarnation of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, got the demons to promise that whatever decision She might give regarding the distribution of the nectar, they would not refuse to accept it. She then had the demigods and demons sit in different lines so that She could distribute the nectar. She knew that the demons were quite unfit to drink the nectar. Therefore, by cheating them She distributed all the nectar to the demigods. When the demons saw this cheating, they remained silent.

But one demon, named Rahu, dressed himself like a demigod and sat down in the line of the demigods. He sat beside the sun and the moon. When the Supreme Personality of Godhead understood how Rahu was cheating, He immediately cut off the demon’s head. Rahu, however, had already tasted the nectar, and therefore although his head was severed, his head remained alive, and became the Rahu planet.

After the demigods finished drinking the nectar, the Supreme Personality of Godhead assumed His own form.

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