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Name Giving Ceremony

Name Giving Ceremony

Priest Gargamuni performed the name-giving ceremony of baby Krsna and His brother Balarama in the cowshed of Nanda Maharaja, Krsna┬┤s father in Vrndavana. This ceremony was performed secretly, without external pomp.

Gargamuni informed Nanda Maharaja that Balarama would be very pleasing to His family members and relatives, and therefore would be called Rama. In the future He would be extraordinarily strong, and therefore would be called Balarama.

The priest then informed Nanda Maharaja, “As far as the other boy is concerned, this child has taken different bodily complexions in different yugas [millennia]. First of all He assumed the color white, then He assumed the color red, then the color yellow and now He has assumed the color black. Besides that, He was formerly the son of Vasudeva; therefore His name should be Vasudeva as well as Krsna. This son has had many, many other names and activities due to His different pastimes.”

Gargamuni, who could understand everything past and future, said, “I know everything about His activities and name, but others do not know. This child will be very pleasing to all the cowherd men and cows. Being very popular in Vrndavana, He will be the cause of all good fortune for you. Because of His presence, you will overcome all kinds of material calamities, despite opposing elements.”

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