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Narada in Space

Narada in Space

Great sage Narada Muni is an eternal spaceman, having been endowed with a spiritual body by the grace of the Lord. He can travel in the outer spaces of both the material and spiritual worlds without restriction and can approach any planet in unlimited space within no time. He can go to the spiritual Vaikuntha planets to see Narayana and then immediately come to this planet in the material world.

In his previous life he was a son of a maidservant. Because of his association with pure devotees of the Lord, he was elevated to the position of an eternal spaceman and thus attained full freedom of movement. As a liberated person who has no material body, he can go anywhere and everywhere without difficulty.

Saint Narada travels all over the universe, educating people and encouraging his disciples to preach this process of devotional service so that all the conditioned souls may be able to revive their original consciousness, or Krsna consciousness, and thus gain relief from the miserable conditions of material life.

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