» Panihati aestival

Panihati aestival

Panihati aestival

Raghunatha dasa was an intimate associate of Lord Caitanya. Following the order of NityƤnanda Prabhu, he observed a festival by distributing chipped rice. Each and every one who was present was supplied two earthen pots: one of chipped rice soaked in yogurt and the other of chipped rice soaked in condensed milk.

So many people took part of the festival that some could not get a place even on the bank of the Ganges but got down into the water and began eating their two kinds of chipped rice there. When chipped rice had been served to everyone, Lord Nityananda Prabhu, in meditation, brought Lord Caitanya. When Lord Caitanya arrived, Nityananda Prabhu stood up. From each and every pot, Lord Nityananda Prabhu took one morsel of chipped rice and pushed it into the mouth of Lord Caitanya as a joke. Lord Caitanya, also smiling, took a morsel of food, pushed it into the mouth of Nityananda and laughed as He made Lord Nityananda eat it.

Only some, however, who were very fortunate, could understand the fun and see that Lord Sri Caitanya was also present.

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