» Prthu and Four Kumaras

Prthu and Four Kumaras

Prthu and Four Kumaras

During the reign of Maharaja Prthu, everything on the surface of this globe was sinless, and therefore the four Kumaras decided to see the King. The famous four Kumaras are recognized scholars in the Vedas and scriptures. They have attained perfection in yoga practice, and that is why they are masters of all mystic perfections. They could travel in outer space without machines. Seeing the glowing effulgence of the Kumaras, the King and his associates could recognize them as they descended from the sky.

Seeing the four Kumaras, Prthu Maharaja was greatly anxious to receive them. Therefore the King, with all his officers, very hastily got up. The great sages accepted their reception, which was according to the instructions of the Vedic scriptures, and finally took their seats offered by the King. The King, influenced by the glories of the sages, immediately bowed down and worshiped them. After this, the King took the water that had washed their lotus feet and sprinkled it over his hair. Prthu Maharaja was the ideal king, and therefore he taught others by his personal behavior how to receive and respect saintly persons.

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