» Pulatsya lifting Govardhana

Pulatsya lifting Govardhana

Pulatsya lifting Govardhana

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The Garga-samhita relates the following history of the appearance of Govardhana in Vraja in another age: Once, in the course of his wanderings, Pulastya Rishi reached Dronacala Hill. The son of Dronacala, Govardhana, was very beautiful, fragrant, smooth, and full of luxuriant, green trees and creepers. Pulastya Rishi desired to bring this Govardhana to his place of residence, Kasi, because there was no such hill there on which he could peacefully perform his sadhana-bhajana. He asked Dronacala to give his son Govardhana to him for this purpose. Dronacala could not refuse, as he feared being cursed. Govardhana agreed to go, on the condition that if Pulastya put him down somewhere along the way, he would remain there and not move again. The sage accepted his condition, and by mystic power kept Govardhana on his palm as he proceeded to Kasi.

As they reached Vraja, thoughts of Sri Krsna’s future pastimes entered Govardhana’s mind. Govardhana became so heavy that the sage could no longer carry him and was forced to put him down right there. After the sage bathed, chanted his regular mantras, sung his prayers, ate and rested, he tried to lift Govardhana again, but remaining true to his word, Giriraja refused to move. With all his strength the sage tried to lift Govardhana, but could not do so.