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Radha Flying Up

Radha Flying Up

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The following pastime also took place at Kusuma Sarovara. One morning, Srimati Radhika and Her sakhis came to the bank of Kusuma Sarovara to pick beli, cameli, juhi, kanera, campaka and other flowers that bloomed here. Srimati Radhika saw a tree with a branch full of flowers. Knowing that She was coming to Kusuma Sarovara to pick flowers, playful Krsna had climbed that very tree.

Using all His weight, He pushed the branch down and remained hidden in the foliage so that Radhika could not see Him. Radhika pulled down that branch with one hand, and was absorbed in picking its flowers with the other when suddenly Krsna shifted to another branch. The branch sprung up, lifting up Radhika with it and She cried out for help.