» Rama Returning to Ayodhya

Rama Returning to Ayodhya

Rama Returning to Ayodhya

Lord Ramacandra, an incarnation of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, appeared in this world as the son of King Dasaratha. Maharaja Dasaratha had three wives. One of them, Kaikeyi, served him very pleasingly, and he therefore wanted to give her a benediction. At the time of the coronation of Prince Ramacandra, Kaikeyi requested her husband to enthrone her son Bharata and send Ramacandra to the forest. Maharaja Dasaratha, being bound by his promise, ordered Ramacandra to go to the forest. And the Lord, as an obedient son, accepted the order immediately. He left everything without hesitation, just as a liberated soul or great yogi gives up his life without material attraction. He wandered in the forest, accepting a life of hardship, and He performed many famous and wonderful pastimes.

When period for Lord´s living in the forest ended, He returned to His capital, Ayodhya, accompanied by Hanuman, Sugriva and His brother Laksmana. When Lord Bharata understood that Lord Ramacandra was returning to the capital He immediately took upon His own head Lord Ramacandra’s wooden shoes and came out from His camp at NandigrAma. Bharata was accompanied by ministers, priests and other respectable citizens, by professional musicians vibrating pleasing musical sounds, and by learned brahmanas loudly chanting Vedic hymns.

As the Lord sat on His airplane of flowers, with women offering Him prayers and reciters chanting about His characteristics, He appeared like the moon with the stars and planets.

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