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Srila Sanatana Gosvami performed parikrama of Govardhana every day, even in his old age. Once, in the blazing heat of summer, the soil under his feet was burning hot. Weary and drenched with perspiration, Gosvamiji sat down. No shady place was to be found. Suddenly, a cowherd boy came by and held a corner of His yellow shawl over Sanatana to give him shade. With the other corner, He fanned Gosvami’s face. Sanatana Gosvami’s whole body became cool and calm by the touch of that boy, who spoke in a very sweet voice, “Baba, in this old age there is no need for you to perform parikrama of Govardhana and undergo so much hardship. I am giving you a sila of Giriraja that is marked with the staff and lotus feet of Sri Krsna. Circumambulate this sila every day and you will receive the same benefit as doing Govardhana parikrama.”

Saying this, the boy gave the sila to Sanatana Gosvami and disappeared. This boy was none other than Giridhari, the lifter of Giriraja.