» Sukadeva and the Ladies

Sukadeva and the Ladies

Sukadeva and the Ladies

When saintly Sukadeva Gosvami ran away to the forest, he saw ladies bathing there. In the Bhagavad-gita (5.18) it is said that a learned sage looks equally on a learned and gentle brahmana, a dog-eater, a dog or a cow due to his spiritual vision. Sukadeva Gosvami had attained that stage. Thus he did not see a male or female; he saw all living entities in different dress. The ladies who were bathing could understand the mind of a man simply by studying his demeanor, just as by looking at a child one can understand how innocent he is.

Sukadeva Gosvami was a young boy sixteen years old, and therefore all the parts of his body were developed. He was naked also, and so were the ladies. But because Sukadeva Gosvami was transcendental to sex relations, he appeared very innocent. The ladies, by their special qualifications, could sense this at once, and therefore they were not very concerned about him. His father Vyasadeva was following his boy, and when he passed, the ladies quickly dressed. The ladies were exactly like his children or grandchildren, and they knew that he was also a realized soul, yet they reacted to the presence of Vyasadeva according to the social custom.

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