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Swinging Lila

Swinging Lila

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When Radha and Krsna played in the Kadamba forest, the trees with their thousands of gradually ascending bluish branches, and their golden flowers that showered honey with love, conquered the beauty of the rain clouds and the lightning. The very long jeweled platforms between these kadamba trees gave pleasure to Krsna day and night, being showered by honey from the flowers in the trees that was protected by ever wakeful honeybees. On each side of these platforms two pillar-like trees were standing, whose branches embraced each other above the platforms, supporting emerald balconies where flower garlands were hung. From these beautiful branches beautiful red ropes inset with pearls were hanging. They were holding up the swings, that each had two golden seats on them, that were swung by a soft breeze.

The maidservants artfully picked the stems off fragrant flowers, and spread the blossoms over the seats of the swings, covering these petals with soft, thin sheets. With their nice fragrance and softness these swings were able to attract Sri Krsna. Shyama saw the best of these swings, one with a flag on it, and climbed on it. It was as if ecstasy personified sat down on the swing that was served by the goddess of beauty.

Krsna pulled His beloved One, who held His hand, on the swing. He placed Her facing Him, like bliss personified facing a sleepless pond of love. The maidservants served Radha and Krsna by throwing flowers, performing arati to Their lotus-like faces, singing, straightening Their necklaces and Krsna’s turban and serving Them pan and garlands.

The maidservants standing on each side of the swing tied up their veils with their sashes, stepping back and forth to push the swing, bending their bodies as they pushed. Two other fortunate sakhis stood on each side of the swing, holding tasty betel leaves in their hands, which they put in Radha and Krsna’s lotus-like mouths whenever the swing slowed down. Other advanced maidservants, who had sweet characters and who were floating in a current of divine love, showered Radha and Krsna with the best flower petals from their hands.

The goddesses in the sky praised their own fortune of seeing Radha and Krsna’a swinging pastimes. They became stunned from ecstasy and, although their hopes for attaining a gopi-body were unfulfilled, they eagerly showered flowere on the Yugala Kisora. The clouds also joyfully showered their rains, that turned into honey when it collided with the flower shower. These honey drops looked like pearls when they fell on the gopis’ bodies, and made friends with the pearls that were already there. The sweet songs of the gopis pervaded the sky and the fragrance that came out of their opened mouths stirred the honeybees that offered praises to these gopis.

The branches of the tree on which the ropes of the swing were hanging began to swing along and the leaves and flowers could thus serve Radha and Krsna by fanning Them. The flower garlands hanging in these branches that were strung in many different ways, also swung along and the honeybees were unable to catch them, though they carefully tried. These bees looked very beautiful as they buzzed and wandered along with these swinging garlands.

Radha and Krsna wanted to swing faster, so They kicked off more speed with Their feet, giving Their sakhis lots of loving bliss with Their expert rising and descending. They looked very funny as They swung up and down. When Krsna was below, Krsna’s flower garland embraced Her blouse. This vision made the sakhis very happy. Radha and Krsna saw Their own reflections in each other’s bodies without seeing each other. This made Them very sad, and They sighed deeply. This breathing then dimmed the shining of Their mirror-like bodies, and, not seeing Their reflections anymore, They became very happy.

Then, the ocean of playful sports, Sri Krsna Himself, began to push the swing faster, just for fun. Radhika became afraid that She would fall and said, “Aha! Don’t swing anymore! No more!” When Madhava heard this He began to laugh and, instead of slowing down, He began to push the swing even faster! Sri Radhika’s braid loosened, Her veil slipped off Her head and Her ornaments were disheveled. Seeing that She could not break off the speed of the swing anymore with Her feet, because She needed them to keep Her sari from blowing up. Krsna began to laugh. His eyes were satisfied and again He increased the speed, so that Radhika gave up Her seat and embraced Him around the neck. Krsna also embraced Her. In this way, the bodies of the Yugala Kisora, that looked like one blue lotus flower and one golden campaka flower, became one. From that union, the fragrance of these flowers also emanated, piercing through the heavenly planets and ultimately reaching the nostrils of Padma, the goddess of fortune, and other residents of Vaikuntha.