» Verse 10

Verse 10

Verse 10

Krsna Pleading to Sri Radha

“My beloved! Offer the fresh buds of Your enchanting feet as an ornament upon My head, so the devastating effect of Cupid’s poison may be alleviated and the harsh fire of amorous desires may also be relieved.”

“Radha! My suffering will be vanquished only when You accept Me. I am overwhelmed by an epiphany (sphurti) of Your all-conquering qualities, and I pray to You to kindly place the freshly sprouted buds of Your feet upon My head. Your lotus feet are munificent. They fulfill the innermost cherished desires of those who pray to them. They are ornaments because they are red, soft and cool like new petals. If You were to place them upon My head, My head would be decorated and simultaneously the poisonous effect of kama would be counteracted.”


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