» Verse 11

Verse 11

Verse 11

Sakhi Encouraging Sri Radha

Once, in the splendid spring season, when Radhika was pining for Krsna, She began to search for Him in one forest grove after another. Her elegant, young limbs, soft as madhavi flowers, grew weary and Cupid made Her mind delirious with anxiety. At that time, Her intimate friend lovingly addressed Her as follows.

“O guileless one, He who bows down at Your feet and humbly supplicates You with words of flattery, is presently reposing upon a play-bed in a bower of flowering vines in the delightful ashoka forest. Follow in the footsteps of the destroyer of Madhu and meet with Him at once.”

“With your gait that defeats the elegant motion of a royal swan, go to meet Krsna. Make an enchanting sound with Your jewelled ankle-bells as You walk at a graceful pace.”

“Listen to the delightful words of the bumblebees that bewilder the hearts of young women. Realize Your own moods in the singing of the cuckoos, who propagate the sweet orders of Kandarpa.”

“O You whose lovely thighs resemble the trunk of an elephant! The vines move about restlessly in the breeze as if inciting You to go by gesturing with their freshly sprouted leaves. So don’t delay now.”





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