» Verse 2

Verse 2

Verse 2

Sri Radha’s Vision.

“Memories of Sri Krsna are coming to Me most vividly. His hair is adorned with a charming peacock feather, which is beautified by its natural half-moon-shaped design. His lustre resembles a mass of fresh rainclouds, coloured by an abundance of brilliant rainbows.”

“He lowers His face with the desire to kiss the faces of the gopis in the festival of Cupid. His tender lips are an enchanting soft reddish colour like the bud of a scarlet mallow flower. The unprecedented lustre of His mild smile spreads across His handsome face. Memories of that very Sri Krsna are coming to Me most vividly.”

“I am helplessly remembering Sri Krsna, whose entire body thrills with horripilation when He deeply embraces thousands upon thousands of youthful gopis with His arms as tender as flower petals. He illuminates all directions with sparkling beams emanating from the jewelled ornaments on His hands, feet and chest.”

“His forehead bears a captivating tilaka. Its indescribable lustre defeats the immense beauty of a restless moon amidst a multitude of fresh rainclouds. I simply go on remembering how cruel-hearted Krsna is always fond of inflicting pain upon the invaluably precious nipples of the most qualified young ladies’ large breasts with His own chest, which is as broad and solid as a door.”

“The beauty of His cheeks is enhanced by His enchanting, jewelled, makara shaped earrings. He accepts the role of a submissive hero (daksina nayaka) and generously fulfills the hearts’ desires of His lovers. Attired in a yellow garment, Krsna has diffused His sweetness and saturated the best of His followers, including demigods, demons, sages and humans, in prema-rasa. Such memories of Krsna are forcefully coming to Me of their own accord.”

“My heart becomes increasingly agitated by remembering Sri Krsna. After arriving beneath a broad kadamba tree in full blossom, He waits for Me while looking around in anticipation. He completely dispels His own fear of separation by consoling Me with many clever and flattering words of encouragement. His eyes restless from the powerful waves of desire and His mind full of longing, He revels in loving pastimes with Me in My heart of hearts.”


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