» Verse 4

Verse 4

Verse 4

Sakhi consoling Krsna.

Bewildered by love for Radha, Krsna was sitting in a dense grove on the Yamuna riverside feeling deeply depressed. Radha’s dear friend began to speak to Him as follows.

“O Madhava! Radha is experiencing intense suffering in separation from You. She is so afraid of the incessant rain of Madana’s arrows that She has resorted to dhyana-yoga to find relief from this slow-burning fire of distress. She has unconditionally surrendered to You and now She is completely immersed in You by the practice of meditation. In Your absence, She criticizes sandalwood paste. When She sees the rays of the moon, She feels as if Her body is burning and the Malaya breeze even increases the heat. She also considers the breeze from the Malaya Mountains to be like poison because it is mixed with the hissing of venomous snakes who reside around the sandalwood trees there.”

“O Sri Krsna, in a secluded place, Radha is painting a picture of Your captivating form in musk, considering You to be Kamadeva himself. After depicting You with mango-bud arrows in Your hand and riding upon a makara, She bows down to offer respectful obeisances to Your portrait.”

“O Madhava, after painting a picture of You in this form, Radha pleads again and again, ‘Hey Sri Krsna! I am falling at Your feet. As soon as You become indifferent to Me, even the moon-god Candrama, with his chalice of nectar, begins to shower fire upon My body.’”

“Sri Radha is completely absorbed in meditation on You. She imagines that You are directly before Her. Sometimes She laments in separation, sometimes She expresses jubilation, sometimes She cries and sometimes She abandons all suffering by being embraced in a momentary vision.”

This song composed by Sri Jayadeva, based on the words spoken by Radha’s dear friend, should be enacted within the temple of the heart. The sakhi’s description of Radha’s anguish in separation from Sri Hari are worthy of constant recitation.


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