» Verse 5

Verse 5

Verse 5

 A Sakhi’s Appeal To Radha

When Krsna heard the moving account of Radha’s pitiful condition from Her intimate friend, He suggested, “I will wait here. You should go to Sri Radha, pacify Her with My humble appeal and then bring Her here.” Engaged thus by Madhuripu Krsna, that sakhi approached Radha and spoke the following words.

“My dear friend Radha, the Malaya breeze drifts along slowly, just to soak everyone in the mood for amour. Varieties of flowers are opening and tearing open the hearts of lonely lovers. At this provocative time of spring, passionate Krsna feels morose in separation from You.”

“The moonshine scorches Him as He approaches the brink of death. His heart is pierced by flowers that fall from the trees like the arrows of Kamadeva. He bitterly laments His destitute condition.”

 “He covers His ears with His hands when He hears the humming of bumblebees. Every night He expects that He will attain Your company, but He is disappointed. His infirmity increases as He goes on enduring the torture of separation day after day.”

“He has abandoned His own charming bed chamber to reside in the forest. Instead of living comfortably at home, He rolls about on the ground, repeatedly calling out Your name, ‘Radha! Radha!’”



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