» Verse 8

Verse 8

Verse 8

Radha Sitting With Her Sakhi

Even after hearing the suggestions of Her friend, Radha was still upset. The sakhi added, “O my dear friend, why has Your heart become so inimical? Why are You unnecessarily suspicious? Why are You being so problematic? I can see that You have become apathetic, inactive and disinterested from the lacerating experience of separation. Pay attention! Listen to me. I only desire Your welfare. Just understand this – there is no difference between You and Sri Krsna.”

Radha’s sakhi says, “Dear Radha, let Hari come close to You. Let Him speak sweet words. It is not befitting for You to remain apart from Him. Make Yourself happy by listening to His words of flattery and thereby also make Him blissful. Your heart is anxious for Him, so why are You resisting? You are uselessly betraying Your own heart. It is improper to inflict suffering upon Yourself by sulking in this way. Give up Your mana.”

“O Radha, Sri Krsna has earnestly appealed to You with humble words but in response You have simply become harsh. He has bowed before You but You have turned Your face away and ignored Him. How much deep love He has shown You, yet You are hostile towards Him. He is fully attentive to You but You are completely averse to Him.”


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