» Verse 9

Verse 9

Verse 9

Krsna Prays to Radha

 When the day drew to a close, Sri Hari could no longer tolerate Radha’s long indignant sighs. She looked shyly at the face of Her intimate friend. Then Sri Hari approached the beautiful Radha and, blooming with joy, He began to speak to Her in a voice choked with emotion.

“My beloved, O graceful one, give up this causeless aversion. If You will speak to Me, even a little, the terrible darkness of My fear will be dispelled by the effulgent rays of Your teeth. Then Your moonlike face will make the cakora bird of My eyes anxious to drink the nectar of Your lips. The fire of amorous desire is burning My heart. Allow Me to drink the honey of Your lotus face.”

“My darling, although Your temperament is exceptionally virtuous, the contrary mood You have adopted towards Me with such a fixed resolve and for no good reason is quite improper. While You have been sulking, I have been burning in the fire of kama. And there is no reason for You to be in a huff. Your suspicion that I have another lover is in vain.

“Amorous desire inflicts pain upon Me only in the absence of Your shelter. Make Me drink the honey of Your lotus face so that My internal fire may be extinguished. I know this honey is extremely difficult to attain, so if You will not do this, then just say something. You may speak something complimentary or even something derogatory, but at least say something.

“When You speak, Your lotus face will bloom. The moonbeams of Your teeth will shine and thus the darkness of fear within My heart will be dispelled. Radha, such nectar is flowing from Your moonlike face that the cakora birds of My eyes want to drink this enlivening juice. My beloved, You whose disposition is so pleasing! You alone are the life and soul of My eyes.”


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