» Visnu and Kardama

Visnu and Kardama

Visnu and Kardama

Commanded by Lord Brahma, the creator of the material world, to beget children in the world, the worshipful sage Kardama Muni practiced penance on the bank of the River Sarasvati for a period of ten thousand years. During that period of penance, the sage Kardama, by worship through devotional service in trance, propitiated the Personality of Godhead, who is the quick bestower of all blessings upon those who go to Him for protection.

Then, the lotus-eyed Supreme Personality of Godhead, being pleased, showed Himself to that Kardama Muni and displayed His transcendental form. A golden streak on His chest, the famous Kaustubha gem suspended from His neck, the Lord stood in the air with His lotus feet placed on the shoulders of Garuda, His gigantic bird carrier.

When Kardama Muni actually realized the Supreme Personality of Godhead in person, he was greatly satisfied because his transcendental desire was fulfilled. With folded hands he satisfied the Lord with prayers, and then he revealed his desire to marry in order to fulfill the order of Lord Brahma. The Lord then promised to give him an exceptionally excellent wife, of equal disposition to him, and He promised that He, Himself, would become Kardama’s son.

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