» Visnu delivers Gajendra

Visnu delivers Gajendra

Visnu delivers Gajendra

Once the chief of the elephants, Gajendra, along with female elephants, went to enjoy bathing in the lake, and they disturbed the inhabitants of the water. Because of this, the chief crocodile in that water, who was very powerful, immediately attacked the elephant’s leg. Thus there ensued a great fight between the elephant and the crocodile. This fight continued for one thousand years. Neither the elephant nor the crocodile died, but since they were in the water, the elephant gradually became weak whereas the power of the crocodile increased more and more. Thus the crocodile became more and more encouraged. Then the elephant, being helpless and seeing that there was no other way for his protection, sought shelter at the lotus feet of the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

The King of the elephants was formerly a human being known as Indradyumna and he learned a prayer to the Supreme Lord. Fortunately he remembered that prayer and began to chant it. The Supreme Personality of Godhead, Narayana, seated on Garuda, personally appeared before him and pulled him from the water along with the crocodile who had captured his leg. Then the Lord killed the crocodile and thus rescued Gajendra. Gajendra, by the mercy of the Lord, became one of the Lord’s associates in the spiritual world, Vaikuntha, and he received four hands. And the crocodile attained the body of a demigod.

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