» Water sports at Radha Kunda

Water sports at Radha Kunda

Water sports at Radha Kunda

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After enjoying many different pastimes, Lord Krsna and the gopis became tired. When the gopis understood that Radharani wanted to sport in the water, they took it as an opportunity to serve the Divine Couple. Soon Lord Krsna, His beloved Radharani, and the gopis were moving about in the waters of Radha-kunda. Their hair loosened by enjoying pastimes and clustered about their necks, their many heavy ornaments removed, and their bodies clothed in fine, white, silk garments, by their devoted gopi-maidservants, the beautiful-eyed principal gopis appeared very splendid and glorious.

Lord Krsna’s bodily luster eclipsed the beauty of hundreds of lotus flowers or nectarean moons, His eyes were as beautiful as splendid suns or blossoming lotuses, and His sidelong glance defeated the lotus flower of Cupid’s great happiness. Lord Krsna appeared like a powerful, fatigued, maddened, wild jungle elephant who had eagerly entered with many fatigued female elephants into the lotus filled pond Radha-kunda, so dear to His beloved Radharani.

The gopis eyes and faces were like lotus flowers, their hair like swarms of restlessly moving bumble-bees, their breasts like pairs of cakravaka birds, and their bodies and arms like lotus stems. They sported in the lake in order to bring pleasure to the two maddened elephants of Lord Krsna’s eyes.